Heavy Hitters’ Cherry Lime is a hybrid with enticing and vibrant cherry and lime notes that result in a euphoric and bright, full-bodied high perfect for enjoying a sunny day outside.

THC: 70-80%


Heavy Hitters’ Forbidden Fruit is a spirit-lifter that alleviates stress with a sense of euphoria before leaving you in a heavy, calming state. It has a delicious and complex combination of cherry and citrus flavors, with lingering floral notes.

THC: 80-90%


Heavy Hitters Og is a Hybrid strain with an earthy, pine, lemony, gassy – mild flavor and not overpowering.

Fun For:

– Social gatherings

– Listening to new music

– Sitting shot gun

Product Info
THC 80 – 90 %
Strain Classification Indica

Heavy Hitters’ Skywalker OG is a hybrid with pine notes and a touch of citrus. It hits with the well-rounded body high of an indica, but promotes focus and mental clarity.



Heavy Hitters’ Wedding Cake is a hybrid union of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie featuring an earthy taste profile finished with vanilla. The high is uplifting and intensely relaxing.



Heavy Hitters’ Zkittles is an award-winning indica strain that offers a strong feeling of relaxation with a sense of mental-clarity and focus that results in a functional high. It has a smooth, full-flavored, mix of tropical candy with a delicious grape-dominant, after-taste.


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